1a: A hands free baby bottle which promotes doctor recommended semi-upright feeding to reduce ear infections.
Nipple stays full of liquid; reducing colic. Nipple won't leak.
Bottle attaches to any car seat, stroller, etc., which prevents bottle dropping and tossing.
b: Built-in air vent. Air breathes into bottle as liquid is drawn out, eliminating vacuum which
reduces ear infections and prevents collapsed nipples.
c: A product parents of twins, triplets, etc., should not be without.

Attaches to car seats

No more tossed bottle
Only Pacifeeder's tubing is protected from little hands.

Our FlexGuard™ covers the inner liquid tube and acts like an accordion when little hands try to pull on the tubing. This prevents the system from being disconnected! Other designs leave their tubing exposed!

• Baby gets less air than ANY baby bottle! • Nipple stays full of liquid • Won't leak

• Reduces ear infections & colic • Built-in cleaning system • No more tossed bottles!
• Promotes doctor recommended semi-upright feeding
• Feed twins, triplets, quadruplets, and multiples at the same time!

Pacifeeder is the ultimate baby-feeding aid for parents.
Great for travel, on the go, or on busy days around the house.

Your baby doesn't take a pacifier? NO PROBLEM!
Pacifeeder's nipple is a standard feeding nipple with a wide base to comply with CFR
(Consumer Federal Regulations) safety standards. It only resembles a pacifier.

Why Pacifeeder?

Pacifeeder® hands-free baby bottle promotes doctor recommended semi-upright feeding positions to help reduce ear infections. Our 2-way rotating strap helps Pacifeeder attach to any car seat, stroller, baby carrier, etc. Our SmartFlow™ system adjusts flow based on baby's needs and prevents nipple from leaking (no need for various flow nipples). Only Pacifeeder's nipple stays full of liquid until the bottle is empty to reduce ingestion of air (reducing colic). And of course, we protect our liquid flow tube with our patented FlexGuard™ to prevent baby form disconnecting the system. And last but not least, using any standard nipple you can quickly convert Pacifeeder to a regular baby bottle.

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Unique Features unlike any bottle:
  • Baby gets less air than ANY baby bottle
    Built-in primer fills nipple with liquid so baby does not ingest air first.
  • Reduces air ingestion by keeping nipple full until bottle is empty
  • Nipple won't leak!
  • Liquid flow adjusts to baby's needs. No need for slow, medium, or fast flow nipples!
  • Liquid does NOT go through large tubing shown in picture. It passes through another tube inside the flexible tubing called FlexGuard.
  • Our Patented FlexGuard™ acts like an accordion if baby tries to pull on the tubing, preventing their little hands from disconnecting the tubing inside. Other designs are exposed!!! Baby can pull the tubing off and what a mess it will be.
  • 2-way rotating SmartGrip™ strap connects to just about anything without bottle coming loose!
  • Built-in cleaning system connects to standard faucets
  • Our unique nipple "snaps" into place and will last 3 times longer than traditional nipples

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